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Attendance Matters

Success in school starts with a student having regular attendance. Regular attendance must start in the early years right through to high school completion. Did you know that even as early as Kindergarten, chronic absenteeism makes it more difficult to learn and decreases the likelihood of high school graduation.

Chronic absenteeism is defined as missing 10% of school days for any reasons - excused or unexcused - over an academic year. Last year at Parkdale School we had a 17% absenteeism rate school-wide. We are working hard to improve this statistic this year.

Chronic absenteeism can hamper a student's ability to read and make achievement gaps greater. Students that are chronically absent in Kindergarten and 1st grade are much less likely to read at grade level by the end of grade 3. By 6th grade, chronic absenteeism is a proven early warning sign for students dropping out of high school.

School is a student's first and most important job. They're learning about more than math and reading. They're learning how to show up for school on time every day so that when they graduate and get a job, they will be good employees.

School is hard and frustrating when the student stays home too much. They come back feeling lost and confused. Remember that



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