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March Attendance Madness

We are right in the middle of our March Attendance Madness competition. Every week the class percent for attendance is taken, and the classes are competing against one another. The class at the end of the four-week competition with the best attendance will have a pizza party. There are also mini class prizes to be won along the way. Attendance is very important to a students success in school. Every month that a student has perfect attendance, meaning no lates, they will have their name entered in a draw for a prize.

At Parkdale we want your child to be successful. If they are missing school, they are missing curricular content which can make school a frustrating place. Concepts often build on each other and missing these concepts will make school more difficult. Peer relations are also hard to maintain when the child is not at school.

We thank you for getting your child to school every day on time. It makes a big difference in their success.

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