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Career and Technology Foundations

"Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) builds student understanding of the world around them as they explore their interests and passions to learn about various career possibilities, and occupational area skills, knowledge and technologies.

CTF involves students in planning/designing, creating, appraising and communicating solutions for relevant problems. As students engage in hands on challenges, they develop social/interpersonal, life, and work skills. Student-focused challenges often bring together literacy, numeracy and competencies through an interdisciplinary approach." (Taken from the Alberta Education Website).

This term our students are learning the following:

4/5L - Presentation and Communication Skills - The focus of this course is to build the students ability to communicate in teams and in presentations. They will learn to clearly vocalize their ideas to a large classroom of students and become more expressive in their presentations. They will also learn how to communicate in a positive and supportive manner in team-based activities. The presentation skills they have built will be utilized in a presentation known as Speech Arts where each student will present a 3 to 5-minute lecture on a topic of their interest.

4/5Q - Google Programs and Applications - We will be learning and "playing with" Google Doc, Google Slides, Google Drive, Google Maps and Google Earth. The skills they will be learning will be presented during the CTF Showcase.

6E - Dramatic Performance - students learn about the history of stagecraft including stage directions, blocking, and movement. Students will apply this knowledge as they perform monologues, short skits and a full-length play at the CTF showcase

The CTF Showcase will be held the afternoon of Dec 5th more information will follow.

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