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Career and Technology Studies

Grade 4 to 6 students have been participating in Career and Technology Studies classes this term. 

4/5L - Students will begin looking towards the future by exploring the different careers they can enter into in the future. Each class we will explore the fundamentals of each career path by looking at the type of education, skills, and experience necessary. After exploring these different options, students will create a career portfolio where they conduct surveys and develop plans to highlights what career choices would be of interest to them.

4/5Q - During Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) this term, the students will be creating plays based on Robert Munsch books. This will involve drama, creating costumes and sets, public speaking and a performance! This will also assist student comprehension of text. It is going to be a great term.

6E - Under the guidance of Parkdale's Indigenous Support Worker, Miss Schnettler, students will learn the fundamentals of the Cree language through word games, art, and cultural teachings. Students will learn how to pronounce and use Cree words correctly and will learn about associated traditional knowledge.

On the afternoon of March 18th, there will be a parent showcase. This is a chance for the students to show their parents what they have learned. A schedule will be sent home for the event.

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