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Create and Learn Field Trips for ECS, Grade 1B and Grade 1/2B

We are excited to have Create and Learn come to our school tomorrow. Create and Learn have customized their activities to support the curriculum at each grade level in a fun way.  Brick building is a great way to help students be fully engaged while creating, building, learning and having fun.  The benefits of this in-school field trip are: developing fine motor skills, teamwork, increasing self-confidence and following building plans.  Also, they provide practical experience to what the students have been learning in class.

The ECS students can create their initials with LEGO bricks.  We focus on shapes and counting to 10. The students use a pre-built motorized art brick machine to create pictures with.  The students keep their pictures they create with paper and makers. The students also build a non-motorized vehicle and have a take-home project of their own initials. (approximately 20 bricks).

The Grade 1 and 1/2 students build non-motorized vehicles and experiment with wind power (balloons).  The take-home project is built with bricks and a balloon. (approximately 30 bricks).

We are excited to see what the students will create and the learning that will occur.


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