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Job-Embedded Professional Development Day

Friday, October 12th the Parkdale Teachers have a job-embedded professional development day. School data drives the instruction in our school. Teachers are going to be looking at the Provincial Achievement Test Data and the Accountability Pillar Data tomorrow. We are looking closely at what the data is telling us and devising plans for our instruction. We want to look at where we struggled and come up with plans to improve student learning in our school. Tomorrow we will be focusing on language arts and social studies.

The Division One teachers will also be looking a creating rubrics for student writing. They want to have rubrics that meet the curricular outcomes for each grade level. This is part of their Literacy Plan they created last year in their work with Miriam Trehearne. The Division Two and Three teachers are creating a multi-year literacy plan that will work on specific areas where the students struggle.

The teachers at Parkdale School are committed to the work that is necessary to improve student learning. They will be collaborating to create a learning environment that reaches the needs of the students in the classroom.

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