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Principal:  Mrs. Sandra Wilson

Vice Principal/Learning Support Teacher:  Mrs. Brittany Ouellette

Administrative Assistant:  Mrs. Christine Breitkreuz

General School E-mail:  Parkdale School  

Family School Liaison:  Mrs. Deneen Reti-Stengel

Indigenous Support Worker:  Miss Brandie Schnettler

Learning Support Teacher/Learning Assistance Teacher:  Mrs. Caitlyn Pezderic

Librarian:  Mrs. Barb Mercer

ECS Teacher:  Miss Kelsey Marquardt

Grade 1:  Ms. Shilo Bargholz

Grade 2:  Mrs. Samantha Ritchie and Ms. Jennifer Dixon

Grade 2/3:  Ms. Nichol Goodrich and Ms. Jennifer Dixon

Grade 3:  Mrs. Anna Jensdottir

Grade 4/5:  Mr. Benjamin Lau

Grade 4/5:  Mrs. Sue Quinton

Grade 6:  Ms. Paris Engram

Grade 7:  Mrs. Dawn Craik

Grade 7/8:  Mr. Scott White

Grade 8:  Ms. Megan Thurmeier

Contact Us


4107 - 54 Street
Wetaskiwin, Alberta T9A 1S8

Phone: 780-352-4594 Text only: 780-335-0851